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To celebrate and inspire teachers, Alokito Teachers is launching Alokito Teachers calls for Teacher Innovators aimed to get teachers to think creatively and contribute towards minimizing the challenges emerging from education disruption and the digital divide. This challenge will serve as a platform where teachers will be able to share their innovations and assume the role of leadership in these unprecedented times.

Innovation submission ends in 10th September, 2022

Helping Team

Posted By Subarna Roy Lipa

4.94 (371)
Color Game: Game based learning

Posted By Luzia Yeasmin

4.67 (3)
প্রশ্ন বক্স

Posted By Asim Kumar Sen

3.4 (5)
The Water Cycle Game-based learning

Posted By Nusrat Tabassum

3.67 (3)

Learn Work with Fun

Posted By Saifullah Khalid

4 (2)
Paper man ' parts of body name

Posted By Most shirin Akht...

4.97 (1862)
বিভিন্ন দিবস উৎযাপন

Posted By Mohammad Shahzam...

3 (2)